Back on the Strip

In Back on the Strip, Merlin (Spence Moore) always dreamed of becoming a big-time magician. His only greater love was for his best friend, Robin (Raigan Harris). As long as he had magic and Robin, there was no trick he couldn't perform.

Four years later, Merlin’s big dreams have now stalled. Instead of performing magic tricks in big arenas, he is making balloon animals for bratty kids as a birthday party clown.

Unsatisfied with life, Merlin quits and decides to go after the only thing he has ever truly loved - Robin. Unfortunately, he soon learns Robin is engaged to social media star, Blaze (Ryan Alexander Holmes). Merlin is finally pushed to go to Las Vegas by his unfiltered but loving mother, Verna (Tiffany Haddish).

Upon his arrival, Back on the Strip, Merlin finds magic work is hard to come by. When struggling hotel owner, Rita (Colleen Camp) gives Merlin the opportunity to perform in her club he crashes and burns - literally. He soon finds out what drunk, single women really want - strippers.

Merlin’s performance intrigues nearby Luther - formerly known as Mr. Big, the leader of the famous black male stripper crew, The Chocolate Chips. Luther is now a gimpy, broken man looking to reclaim his former glory. With Merlin, he realizes he may have found the missing piece to revive the Chips and save the club.

Together they go on a quest to reunite the Chips: Tyriq, aka Mr. Face (Bill Bellamy), Desmond, aka MR. BODY (Faizon Love), Pastor Amos, aka Mr. Slim Sexy (J.B. Smoove), and Xander aka DR. X (Gary Owen). However, they soon discover all have moved on with their own lives.

Merlin will need more than black magic and his package to win back Robin, save The Cookie Club, and reunite The Chocolate Chips.

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