Back on the Strip Movie

MERLIN always dreamed of being a great Las Vegas magician. In fact, the only greater passion he ever had was for his best friend ROBIN, whom he has secretly loved ever since she assisted him with his magic tricks back when they were kids.

Ten years later, we learn Merlin’s big dreams have not come true. Instead, he is working as a party clown for bratty five year-olds.

Frustrated with life, Merlin decides to give up and go after the only other thing he has ever cared for - Robin. However, after Robin becomes engaged to another man - BLAZE - who's clearly wrong for her, Merlin is pushed to go to Vegas to pursue magic by his unfiltered, but loving mother, VERNA.

Once there, Merlin discovers magic work is hard to come by. When he finally does get his opportunity to perform, he accidentally sets his pants on fire and ends up jumping around in his underwear to put out the flames. This pleases the female crowd who cheer for his large, bouncing package which also inspires the nearby one-legged drunk, LUTHER. Luther was once MR. BIG, the well endowed leader of a famous black male stripper crew THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS. Now he’s a gimpy alcoholic looking to reclaim former glory. When he sees Merlin, he realizes he could be the new front man in a revival of the Chips.

Together they go on a quest to reunite the troupe. Former Chips: DES ‘DA BODY’, TYRIQ ‘DA FACE’, AMOS ‘SLIM SEXY’ and XANDER ‘DR.X’ have all moved on in life, but remain nostalgic for the old times because they are unfulfilled in the present. Once the men are all persuaded by Luther to reassemble, old conflicts arise as they attempt to don the thongs again. However, soon they are back in rhythm and teaching Merlin how to be a Chip and win back his girl.

Back on the Strip will be in theaters 01/13/22!

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